Custom Spray Tanning

Custom Spray Tan

  • Customized solution. Rinse in 8-12 hrs

Custom Spray Tan

  • Customized solution. Rinse in 2-4 hrs

Custom Spray Tan

  • Anyone school age or in college ( ID required)

Special Occasion Tans

Bride & Groom Package

  • Includes 6 custom tans, body wash, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Just The Bride

  • 2 tans and our gorgeous shimmer lotion.
  • A trial run is recommended several weeks prior to the wedding date.

Prom Package

  • 2 custom tans and our after care kit with body wash, moisturizer and body shimmer lotion.

Competition Tan

  • Stage ready color for bodybuilders and fitness models.
  • 2 day process included unlimited coats
  • Bikini Bite and Posing Oil for sale at salon

Glow Pro

  • 4 tans per month
  • 3 month contract

Visit Packages:

3 Tan package


5 Tan package


10 Tan package


before ~ during ~ after

Before Your Glow

  1. The day BEFORE your spray tan, exfoliate with an abrasive mitt or glove to completely remove the dead skin.
  2. Avoid exfoliating products with the beads and grit.  NO DOVE products, Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secrets or any bar soaps.
  3. Shave the day before your tan
  4. Avoid waxing the day of your tan
  5. Avoid lotions, oils, perfumes and deodorant.
  6. No pedicures the day of your tan
  7. Make-up wipes available at Glow
  8.  Don't take a hot shower right before your visit

During Your Glow

  1. Hair pulled back and away from face
  2. Remove Jewelry
  3. Women are free to tan in whatever their comfort level is.
  4. Men must wear bottoms, no exceptions!
  5. The artist will guide you through all of the positions.
  6. Takes less than 10 mins total
  7. Dry time 1 minute before getting dressed

After Your Glow

  1. MUST wear loose fitting clothing (no leggings, jeans or sports bras) Pants and long sleeves are best and NO white clothes
  2. Stay completely dry the entire processing time.
  3. Bring an umbrella if it is raining
  4. Pat with the towel after your shower
  5. Moisturize twice daily
  6. Use only our after care products sold at Glow for the longest lasting results.

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